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Notion WP Sync : Notion to WordPress integration

With the Notion to WordPress integration, Notion WP Sync, you’ll be able to create beautiful websites and apps thanks to WordPress, and manage content directly from Notion, the best digital workplace no code tool!
Our WordPress plugin can export and sync any Notion database, page and content to your app, website or blog,without Zapier or Make.
Create databases and pages with structured data into Notion:Notion WP Sync will push and sync data to WordPress, swiftly.
Like the Air WP Sync plugin, our Airtable to WordPress integration, Notion WP Sync allows you to connect the No code tool, Notion, to WordPress. Our plugin will be available in a Free version downloadable on WordPress plugins repository and in a Pro version (paid), with the free portion providing access to basic features and the paid portion providing access to additional & advanced features.
Our Notion to WordPress integration allows you to easily export, synchronize, and display the content from your Notion databases and pages on your WordPress website.
To get started, you will first need to download our plugin and connect it to your Notion workspace thanks to the API key (secret token). From there, you can easily customize your workflow, select and map the content that you want to import to display it on your WordPress website with just a few simple steps. Shortcodes will be created to display your content anywhere on your site, in Gutenberg, or the Page Builder of your choice like Elementor or Divi.
The plugin automatically updates and synchronizes your content on a regular basis of your choice or manually, ensuring that the information on your website is always up to date. You can also use WordPress admin panel to easily update and make changes to your content at any time.
In addition to our standard features, we also offer pricing options depending of the number of websites you own and advanded features you need.
If you have any questions regarding plugin features or release date, please feel free to contact us!
Supported fields and content blocks : Checkbox, Date, Email, Files & Media, Multi Select, Number, People, Phone number, Rich text (“Text” in Notion), Select, Status, Title, URL, Paragraph, Heading (1,2,3), Bullet list/Order list, Quote, Table, Separator, Boxed content, Image, Video, Fichier, Columns (Gutenberg support)