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Zorbi | Spaced Repetition Flashcards

Zorbi makes studying easy by only showing you flashcards when you forget them. It's free, backed by science, and it works on every device.

How it works

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The Zorbi Chrome extension makes it easy to create flashcards while you're watching lectures, reading notes, or summarising a textbook.
Try it out - you'll wish you found Zorbi earlier.

Collaborate on flashcardswhile writing notes

With Zorbi, you can work with your friends to create notes in Notion. Our integration will turn them into ready-made flashcards on your Zorbi account which you can share with anyone.
Creating Zorbi cards is free, easy, and delightful. Other apps make you pay for basic features like changing the colour of text, we'll never do that.
Ace your exams with our new spaced-repetition profiles optimized for exam study, learning languages, or anything else you want to use Zorbi for.
We've designed these profiles based on learning data from thousands of users. You'll also be the first to get access to our AI learning assistant.
Zorbi makes it easy to learn diagrams by letting you draw, label, and hide areas of images. Hidden sections are grouped by colours - we'll test you on each section separately.
Zorbi is the flashcard app that I've wanted for years! It has the customizability and simplicity of other applications along with the best customer support! If you are an avid learner and you haven't tried Zorbi, you are missing out.

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