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In my country Malaysia , historic floods are ravaging most parts of the country. So i made an emergency database so flood victims and Search & Rescue can be connected. Thanks for all the volunteers for helping thanks to @NotionForms @NotionHQ @super_ for making this possible
@NotionForms has become one of THE most critical integrations that I use for my @NotionHQ consulting process‼️ I highly recommend using @JhumanJ service 🙌🏾 Take a look at the new form that I created ☺️
um, @NotionForms possibly most elegant form builder I've ever used on almost any platform - onboarding, the builder itself, deployment, etc.
Love building this customer portal for my sis - made easy with @NotionForms - this will help them so much. Now to get testing
J'ai souvent parlé de Typeform et de Tally dans mes vidéos mais pour ceux qui veulent avoir des formulaires quali directement dans Notion il y a @NotionForms qui est assez ouf ! 🤯 #Tweet100
@JhumanJ It's one of the smartest forms I've ever seen. The integration between Notion is extremely seamless. I love how you visualized all the data fields and converted them into a form! RT the tweet ^ to help more makers get their custom testimonial and train up my writing skills 😆
NotionForms was created to help Notion users to achieve more with their favourite tool. Need a contact form? Doing a survey? Create a form in 3 minutes and receive responses directly in Notion.
The safety of your data and your privacy is our top priority. We do not have access to your whole Notion workspace, but only to the tables you decide to share with us. You can revoke our access whenever you like, directly from Notion. We never store the content of your form submissions. Straight from the form to your Notion table. Learn More



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